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Sony Lens QX10 review




Hello technology geeks out there/ camera lovers!!  


So, I was recently given the new Sony Lens QX10 camera for my birthday. It is £149 (which isn't bad) but there is also another one which is more expensive (approx. over £300) because of a better zoom, but I would rather buy an SLR. The QX10 connects to iphones and andriod smartphones through the len's own WIFI or NFC. is my FAVOURITE GADGET that I own at the moment. The reason for this is because of the looks/ style of the camera, the quality of the photos, it is unique, makes my phone look cooler and makes ME look cool xD....haha!! =.="

















The one I got is white and gold which looks so chic and at the same time CUTE! It is small, and very easy to grasp and take pictures with as the button is on the right hand side, whereas a digital camera is sort of awkward to hold at times and definitly harder to take photos with. 



The lens has its own 18.2 megapixels image sensor (making it the best quality compared to all the phone cameras out there right now!) and a 10x optical zoom lens! It is designed to take better quality with the convenience of a smartphone's touchscreen controls. There is a Programme, intelligent and superior modes as well. :)



This is 'selfies/camewhoring' at a WHOLE-NEW-LEVEL!

I can put the camera ANYWHERE I want and use my phone as a remote and see what I am taking at the same time without even looking into the lens.  I can see what I look like from ALL ANGLES (the back of my head, side of my face, up my nostrils, birds eye view etc etc...) AND the lens has a built in PARANAMIC function. THE FREEEEEDOM OF PERSPECTIVES!!!


   To be honest, I have never used a camera like the QX10 before. I can also use the camera without the smartphone if I have an SD card in the card, I can just SNAPPP away. However, the only negative comment that I am going to say is that sometimes it would take a while to connect to the wifi...I can get quite impatient if I really want to capture a moment of a really important scene that can't be missed...but I guess I can take a photo anyways without seeing the screen. 


Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check out my video on youtube :) 







If you are intrested in buying a Sony QX10, then you can buy is from amazon for 129 british pounds =]