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Seven Hotel - Paris

Thinking of visiting Paris one day? Booked a trip to Paris already? Looking for a nice romantic....AMAZING hotel to stay in ?? ...Well well well...what do I have here for you all...*drum rolls*.MY REVIEW on Seven hotel Paris. 


In 2013, I booked my first trip to Paris via Eurostar train, London St Pancras for 1/2 days. I can't believe that I only discovered Eurostar last year...I am such a fob =.=" The check-in was a like any other airport check-in, you need to go through the beeper metal detectors and no drugs and sharp objects =] Journey was approx. 2hour & 15 minutes, only £59, I would go every week hahaha...


Anyways, I was browsing all over the internet for a nice hotel and FINALLY I found something that caught my eye. SEVEN HOTEL, a real boutique hotel, design where attention to detail and perfection are the key words. 


Here are some of my  photos, the room is called "Supspended bath" 






































The bed, bath tub and toilet was LEVITATING! Amazing how much strength the wall and one edge of the bed held the weight of me and the bed! :O  So weird, I actually seen a photo of this levitating hotel room on a facebook page ages ago and 'liked' it, I never knew it was a hotel and I can't believe I came across it hehe.. The room comes with complimentary L'occtaine products and a nespresso machine, there was also a safe, dressing gown, radio and tv, you could also control the temperature. The room was clean and bed was comfy. :P


The staff were very helpful and welcoming and were able to direct us on how to get around. They gave us a map and explained everything!  


They also do other themed rooms/suites but they are more expensive, but definitaly check out their website!

The Founder/company has more hotels that are also boutique and gorgeous, FIVE HOTEL is like SEVEN hotel...must check it out, here are some photos (that I put together) of the top hotels I like from their list.

















































I want to stay in all these hotels one day :) heh heh :)