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BMW i3 electric car


HOWDYYY my fellow readers,


I am going to keep this blog post short.. like me ;)

I have also made a video review of the car. Click on the link below.















I took the BMW i3 for a 3 day road test and I must say that I really like it.

It's very different compared with the other BMWs out there, it has a very FUTURISTIC sleek look about it.



The car I had on test was the BMW i3 with the RANGE EXTENDER which costs an extra £2000.

This car like no other, allows me to add fuel to a motobike engine which runs to hold the charge on the battery. So it means that you can run on electric and go on long journeys without needing to worry about breaking down.


You can choose from a wide range of interior panels and designs.

I love the gorgeous wooden looking panel selection for the dash board. :)  

On the exterior the kidney grill is blanked out making the car look unique and cute in a way. 


The BMW i3 is quite pricey, however if you do a lot of miles and live in busy places like central london you get to save on a lot of fuel and also not needing to pay for the congestion charge.

You can charge this car at home using your normal 3 pin plug sockets or alternatively use the fast charge points that are available throughout the UK.

This means I can drive around the city without adding fuel for the rest of my is like FREE travel....(well sort of).